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I currently offer individual counseling, supervision for substance use counselors, and a variety of educational opportunities.

See below for more information.


I provide individual counseling for adults and older adolescents. My approach to therapy is an integrative one which means I use techniques from more than one therapeutic school of thought. I am here to help you help yourself by listening, providing an open environment, and reflecting on your experiences to help you achieve your goals.

Therapy is not easy, but when you're ready, I'm here to help.

I am particularly inclined towards working with first responders and medical professionals, those experiencing grief, going through a life transition, or those trying to change their relationship with drugs or alcohol.

I am currently offering both virtual or in person counseling options.

Rate: $120/hour

Please note that I am private pay only, I can provide a bill for you to submit for reimbursement from insurance.



I offer clinical supervision for substance use counseling professionals during their clinical training and at the pre-licensure level. Supervisors balance the roles of therapist, consultant, and teacher, and I shift between each of those roles in each supervision session. I work particularly well with self-motivated and self-reflective therapists who are interested in continuing to enhance their skills in the substance use field.

Please contact me about my rates. Virtual or in person options available.


I have been providing education on a variety of topics for the past 6 years. Topics include substance use and mental health, de-escalation and conflict resolution, postpartum support, critical incident debriefing, and more.

Please contact me to learn more and explore what educational opportunity might be right for your team.

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